Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities!

Open Opportunity


Techy volunteers: Provide website, database and social media support
Explore new avenues for ATCF to expand its presence in social media and online

Events: Women and Fair Trade festival, International Women's Day, Border Talks, forums, etc.
Event planning
Set-up and break down
Kitchen support and serving meals/drinks to vendors and staff
Technical sound support for musicians and presentations
Welcome table - greeter, process donations, promote ATCF programs
Create posters and promotional materials for events
Promotion- flyering, social media, tv, radio, tabling, etc.

Delegations (required to participate in a delegation prior to volunteering):
Driving a 15 passenger van over a 3 day weekend excursion to Mexico
Interpreting for groups, English/Spanish
Facilitating - handling the money for lodging, food, etc.
Promotion- flyering, social media, tv, radio, tabling, giving presentations, etc.
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