Tricks or Treats

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm (CT)


The Fayetteville Animal Shelter is a major non-profit organization in our community that provides shelter for cats and dogs who have been abandoned and educates and facilitates adoptions for members of our community.

Our residential community has been specifically touched by their hard work with our adoption of Hercules, the Buchanan-Droke/Gladson-Ripley Graduate Assistant's dog. Hercules has become a major part of our community, so we thought this would be the perfect way to give back.

This program will have two parts: one will be a drive for items that the Fayetteville Animal Shelter is requesting like used blankets and towels, cleaning products, etc. Donations can be dropped off at the BDGR front desk anytime October 7th - October 25th.

At the second, Tricks or Treats, we will be making dog toys out of recycled t-shirts and dog treats from a recipe. Hercules will be present as we complete this service activity.
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Limited to students living in University Housing accommodations and their guests.
Attendees will receive free refreshments. Limited quantities available.
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