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Camp Abbott

Saturday, January 25th, 2020 from 3:00am to 7:00am (CT)


ApprovalOrganizer will approve registrants
Camp Abbott (state sanctioned camping area off of S Hwy 183 behind Palm Harbor Homes

  1. DAY OF THE COUNT: The encampment Governor Abbott set up is located near 183 and Montopolis.  
    1. DRESS: Please dress for the weather and wear closed toe shoes.
    2. ADDRESS:  Approximate address is 810 Bastrop Hwy 78741
    3. GETTING THERE: You will approach the entrance from the access road heading north on 183.  There is a lot of construction in this area, so you may find yourself u-turning or even missing the entrance the first time.  That's okay - just swing back around.  There is a very small sign with the address posted on your right.  You can park right off the access road, and I will meet you there.
      1. PARKING: There is a gravel area immediately off the access road that is easy for parking cars before entering the encampment.  Please be mindful when parking to allow all volunteers to fit their cars.  We can also park 2-3 cars past the set of bays before the tents, but please do not block the natural turnaround.
  2. MEDIA: Please direct all questions from the media to me and Matt Mollica of ECHO who is also on our team.
We have a defined area to count, so our process will be straightforward.  We will split into 2-3 groups (minimum team size of 3 people) and each take a row, working our way from the access road to the back fence.  During my visit last week, there were over 80 individuals at the encampment.

If you need to reach your team lead, Brittany Baize, text is best at 832-691-8041.