Taxes Q&A (Spanish) - Allison Elementary

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 from 8:00am to 9:00am (CT)


Class Details: Taxes Q&A in Spanish and English

Partner: Allison Elementary School; More on our partner:
"Allison Elementary School is a vibrant educational center in the heart of the historic Montopolis community in Southeast Austin. Working with families and partners, Allison educates students in a cooperative environment, which promotes children’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development....Allison is part of the Eastside Memorial family of schools, which offers STEM programs at every grade level and is part of the district’s new creative learning initiative to offer a quality arts-rich education to every child."
On-site Contact: Siglinda A. Orozco
Business: (512) 414 - 1066
Mobile: (512) 876 - 7493
Language: Spanish, English   
Expected # of Participants: 7 - 10
Participants' Financial Literacy Level (from 1=Novice to 5=Expert): 2 (Basic Knowledge)
Participant Demographics: Parents of Allison Elementary students; Ages vary between 22-45 years old; Low income levels; Some high school education on average
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