Copperfield Nature Trail Beautification Give Back

Saturday, March 7th, 2020 from 9:00am to 11:00am (CT)


Blakeney pond native plant beds need our help so we'll be pulling weeds to give the native wildflowers and grasses more room to grow and thrive. Mary will lead our native plant activities at Blakeney pond. 
Trash pick up is always needed along the entire stretch of trail. Beth will lead a trash pick up group to a particular spot with opportunity for trash removal. 
Baby waxy ligustrum removal opportunities abound if we get a volunteer(s) to lead identification and removal. ? will lead one group on ligustrum removal hunt. 
Great way to enjoy one of Austin's nature trails and give back and build community.
Is our event full? Register for one of many other fun volunteer events at parks across Austin. Ones near Copperfield are at the Gus Garcia Recreation Center Gus Garcia Rec Center IMPD SPRING 2020 Register
or Walnut Creek Park Privet whacking at Walnut Creek Park
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30 Positions Filled | 23 Impacts | 46 Hours