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Preparing Meals and Building Community with Capital Studios Residents

Saturday, September 17th, 2016


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We're headed back to Foundation Communities for another Supper Club prep-and-serve community support opportunity!
Foundation Communities creates housing where families succeed. They provide people with an affordable, attractive place to call home, as well as opportunities right at their doorstep to transform their lives.

Team Members and their families are invited to prepare an Italian-themed appetizer, main course, or dessert and bring it to the Capital Studios location at 309 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78701. We'll be serving 30-50 of the residents the food we make, eating with them, and building community. Please make sure all food is prepared ahead of time - the kitchen has a small warming oven, microwave and refrigerator, but no stove. Please also bring serving gloves, paper plates, napkins and serving utensils, and cleaning supplies. We'll want to leave the space as tidy as we found it. 

We'll meet and check in at Front Desk, and Meghan Hein from Capital Studios will escort us to the main dining area.

Supper Club Volunteer Expectations, Policies and Helpful Tips
Foundation Communities is an Austin nonprofit committed to providing long term affordable housing and supportive services to low-income families and individuals. Thank you so much for joining us in our commitment to providing more than just a roof over someone’s head but building strong and healthy communities too. This is truly a meaningful and essential service you’re providing. In order to ensure a positive experience for both our volunteers and residents, we ask that you please carefully review the below information.
Volunteer Expectations:
❏ Groups will provide all necessary items associated with preparing, serving, and cleaning up the meal
❏ In order to cultivate relationships and build trust with our residents, we ask groups to commit to doing on-going meals at the same property for a minimum of 4-6 times a year.
❏ A property tour/orientation is required for the group leader(s) at least 1 week out from your group's first supper club.
❏ All volunteers are asked to sign in upon arrival for every supper club.
❏ All new volunteers are asked to complete a volunteer application and agreement in addition to signing in. This document only needs to be completed one time.
❏ Children are allowed to serve if accompanied by an adult, and supervised at all times (minimum 1 adult per 2 children).
❏ Please use good judgment in your conversations with residents (i.e. don’t share too much personal information about yourself including phone numbers and e-mail addresses)
❏ Please refrain from proselytizing - many of our residents are people of a wide variety of faiths and belief systems, so please do not publicly proselytize (Ex: preach a sermon during the meal, force residents to partake in a prayer in order to be served). Thank you for your sensitivity. We also understand that sometimes discussions of faith may naturally arise during your conversations with residents, at which time you are welcome to engage in that private conversation.
❏ Photos - You are welcome to take photos of your group serving, but please do not take photos of residents without their written consent. As an organization policy, photos including residents may NOT be shared on social media or public outlets without a signed photo release form from the resident.
❏ At the conclusion of your time, please clean up after the event, and leave the community space in the same condition as you found it. Residents are happy to assist you with moving furniture around and taking out the trash.
❏ On your way out of the building, please take out trash and recycling to the appropriate bins on property. Residents and/or support staff will be able to assist you. Our property management and resident services staff thank you!
Food Handling Policies
❏ In order to comply with the city’s food handling requirements without a permit, no perishable foods may be prepared or stored on site by staff or volunteers.
❏ Preparation: meals need to be fully prepared off site and ready to serve when you arrive at the property. Exception: if you need to use the oven to warm up food that may have cooled during the transport time
❏ Serving: volunteers who are serving food need to wear sanitary gloves.
❏ Storage: leftovers should be distributed out to residents prior to leaving the building. If there is an excess of food, you will need to distribute it off site or throw it away. Food items may not be stored on the property after the supper club has concluded.
❏ After all residents have had their first plate of food, feel free to announce that they may come back for seconds and/or take food to go.
Helpful Tips for Building Community
❏ In general, resident demographics include individuals/families with low-incomes, people who have experienced homelessness, people with physical and/or mental disabilities, and people in recovery. With that said, residents aren’t defined by these things, but it is something to be aware of if an issue arises. Foundation Communities properties are not assisted living or nursing home type facilities. Residents are independent and may come and go as they please.
❏ After serving residents, please sit down, eat with, listen to, and converse with residents. That’s really why you’re there - to make a connection and help build community!
Thank you for your commitment! Please contact us if you have any questions Foundation Communities, 512-610-7377
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Location: Park on the street or for free in the Capital Studios garage, 309 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78701, Austin, TX 78702

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