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9th Street BMX

Saturday, November 4th, 2017 from 10:00am to 1:00pm
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It's My Park Day Project Proposal 11/4/2017

South Duncan Park - Austin Parks Foundation - Adopt a Park Group - 9th Street BMX


We would like to use IMPD to begin our goal to beautify the park through landscaping, re-planting native grasses, plants and trees. IMPD will be a good initial project to "test the waters" prior to submitting our first official self-funded /grant sponsored park project as an Adopt a Park group.

For IMPD we would like to focus on:

1. Tree mulching

We would like to request 1 dump truck load of double grind mulch be delivered for tree mulching.

Understanding the nature and high traffic of South Duncan Park it is not feasible to mulch all trees to the full extent of thier canopy/drip line. However, there are trees that would be eligible for this "full" mulching.

Other trees would still benefit from a partial mulching. Our goals are aligned with PARD Urban Forestry Tree Assessment and Recommendations.

Please see PARD Urban Forestry Tree Assessment and Recommendations 7/14/2011:

·         Page 11.

·         B.            Provide mulch and/or supplemental water to the CRZ's of trees where possible

·         Place mulch in areas where it will not impact the use of the BMX trails

·         Place mulch in areas where slope will not cause it to migrate

"Despite what we know about tree physiology and tree response to soil modifications, the trees within the Duncan Park BMX Trails area show little to no signs of stress due to the trail building activity."

2. Habitat restoration (re-planting natives)

We would like to beautify the park by landscaping, re-planting native grasses, plants, and trees.

We would like to use a $250 mini grant towards native seeds. Acknowledging our high traffic, soil type, compaction and shade levels we have consulted with to determine that Shade Friendly Grass Mix: will be the best option. Planting will occur on the back sides of each jump/dirt pile/ lip & landing. This keeps the seeds out of the way of bike and foot traffic. The roots will help to control soil erosion and hold the jumps together and reduce jump maintenance.

We look forward to improving the park with your help.

Thank you, 

Todd Moon       512.599.1525

Wear closed-toed shoes and dress for the weather.

Bring a water bottle to refill!
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Location: Located between N. Lamar and West Ave. on 9th Street, W 9th St., Austin, TX 78701