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Volunteer as a Hospice Hero

Open Opportunity


Positions45 Remaining
Age Limit18 and up

We are looking for volunteers to visit with our patients throughout the Austin, Hill Country and Georgetown areas. We keep our volunteers within a 15 minute travel time, that way the time you give isn't just stuck in Austin traffic!

All volunteers go through an orientation process to make sure you are trained and prepared for hospice. I (Jessica) even go on your first visit with you to make sure you are 100% comfortable and ready. Visits can happen anytime, NOT just Mon-Fri 8 to 5, evenings and weekends work too!

 We will choose your patient/location and how often you visit. Most volunteers give 1 hour a week, but we are happy to work with you volunteer needs if you would like to give more time.

Our volunteers are not medical professionals, they are just everyday people who are willing to give a small amount of time to provide company to someone who may be lonely or a caregiver who could use a break to go get a cup of coffee. You are simply a friendly visitor this means talking, reading, playing music, watching movies, or if you like running errands. You do not need any medical experience and we do not ask you to do any medical care. If you are interested in a medical or social work field this will give you invaluable experience working with patients and developing a bedside manner. Please reach out if you are interested or have any questions I am happy to help!

Requirement Details
We have you fill out an application, run a background check, and give you a TB test.
PerksAmazing feeling of being a super awesome individual!
Parking DetailsVaries depending on where you volunteer
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