Mabel Davis District Park (Park walk, trash pick up, invasive tree marking, future seed island scouting).

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 from 9:00am to 12:00pm (CT)


'Make Room for bees, birds and butterflies' trash pick up and invasive tree marking tour of Mabel Davis Park.
The Seed Squad Skate Team wants to help make Mabel Davis district park a haven for bees, birds and butterflies making the downslope of Mabel Davis District Park to the lower Colorado River an accomodating place for migratory birds and butterflies to utilize the park to it's full geographical potential.
Before we can remediate the land and create self managing grass and flower habitat structuring, designed to accomodate the needs of wildlife we need to collectively map out a planting plan (w/group and volunteer park walk ), mark with ribbon some invasive problematic trees to be removed (ligustrum, chinaberry (paper mulberry?) preferably ones that pose biggest issue in seed distribution (one's for Park and Rec to cut.) , and chinaberry and ligustrum that are problematic to drainage and under canopy habitat loss (preferably where we want wildflowers and Native grasses to grow, under the canopies of native/suitably adaptable trees).

-Volunteers are asked to bring water bottles and dress accordingly, close toed shoes, long sleeve shirt(?) hat(?)
Thanks in advance to volunteers! Bring your board and skate the park after the event!

-Free kind bars and t-shirts to volunteers and business perks. See for updates on local business discounts for T-shirt volunteers that day. Ex. Free Beer at Scholz's historic bar.

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