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If your group is interested in adopting a park, please complete the Adopt-a-Park application by clicking on "become a member" above. Adopt-a-Park Leaders: To coordinate a volunteer project or workday, click on the "submit project" button and enter your project details. Please provide as much information as possible about the project scope and plan. We will touch base with you to coordinate the project details and/or let you know if your project is approved.


The goal of the Adopt-A-Park Program is to build a sense of community pride and ownership around every 
neighborhood park. Adopt-a-Park is a collaborative partnership between Austin Parks & Recreation and Austin 
Parks Foundation to build community and stewardship at neighborhood parks throughout Austin. The program 
supports and champions a growing network of groups caring and advocating for neighborhood parks.

The Adopt-a-Park group will:
  • commit to a minimum of one year of service.
  • organize a community-based volunteer group.
  • be inclusive and welcome all stakeholders and park users that want to be involved with the park.
  • utilize a collaborative approach and attempt to build consensus.
  • track volunteer projects and hours using GivePulse
  • acquire approval prior to initiating any maintenance, improvement projects or programming.
The Parks and Recreation Department will:
  • communicate about plans for the park.
  • review, approve and collaborate (where possible) on volunteer and park improvement projects.
  • bring park professional knowledge, expertise and perspective.
Austin Parks Foundation will:
  • provide tools, volunteer recruitment, resources and grant opportunities.
  • provide training and education.
  • bring park system advocate perspective and knowledge.
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