Bryker Woods Elementary School



Bryker Woods Elementary School lies on the banks above Shoal Creek between 32nd-34th Street.  As a school, our initiative is to create a Sustainable Campus that contributes to the health and welfare of our community!

Bryker Woods is home to several heritage oaks, 2 rain collection tanks, 2 rain gardens, wildlife habitats, an outdoor school along the banks of Shoal Creek, a school garden (that will need repair the fall of 2017 after AISD works invasively to correct the flooding issues of our school due to its watershed), and an extensive recycling and composting program.

Through Give Pulse and Austin Parks and Recreation, we are hoping to gain neighborhood awareness and involvement in our school community!

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The staff parking lot on the 33rd Street side of the school is available. There is parking along 34th street before you get down the hill to the site. There is also parking in front of the school.

PLEASE pay attention to parking signs and designated areas for parking!