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AAGC History

The Austin Area Garden Council (AAGC) marks its beginnings many years ago with a desire and a need for a building to serve as a focal point for the several organizations in the Austin area. In 1946 the Violet Crown Garden Club, Inc. set aside $50 to initiate a building project. The club immediately organized and sponsored fund-raising events to add to the initial donation.

Mrs. W. Bradfield is credited by many as being the first person to approach the city with the request for city-owned land to be designated as a building site. Mrs. Alden Davis continued the quest and in 1955, when the City of Austin accepted the idea, a governing group was needed for the entire project. Several different names were used but the term "Austin Area Garden Council" was settled on, and on January 31, 1956, the group held its first meeting, represented by five clubs. Today, the Council represents the membership of more than 30 clubs with approximately 1700 members. The purpose of the organization was to "promote the education of citizens in the art of gardening for the beautification of homes and countryside". Today, the Council, in concert with the City Parks and Recreation Department sponsors many events throughout the year, including the largest flower show in the area and Zilker Garden Festival. See the calendar for details on events.

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