Continuing the Heritage


Continuing the Heritage in Fall 2020 will take on a new, albeit temporary, form. To better engage in the education of justice, we will host a four-hour teach-in, focused on issues of our times and the ways in which we are called to be present to the world grounded in the Marianist charism. This teach-in will include a lunchtime keynote, followed by an afternoon highlighting three perspectives of how we consider our call to animate the Marianist charism in Fall 2020, including opportunities for reflection and dialogue. This educational opportunity parallels and supports a new initiative by the Office of Community Engagement to supplement traditional service-learning efforts that may be hindered by COVID-19 restrictions.


Continuing the Heritage Fall 2020 Teach-In

August 21, 2020

12pm – 4pm, Zoom

Topic: What does it mean to animate the Marianist Charism in Fall 2020?

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