Trotting with Tots



Calling all Austin area Moms interested in putting that fancy stroller to good use (because let's face it, if you want to workout, your mini-me is going to have to tag along). This is a chance for all exercise-friendly Austin Moms to get together a couple times a week (or just once a week---whatever your schedule can allot) and get in a great workout! Who doesn't like a little FREE motivation while making friends (while panting heavily and trying not to pass out)? I also noticed that there are very few websites in existence that cater to strollers, so this would be a great group for all of us to get some much needed information about stroller-friendly places. A bit about why this group was started: I couldnt find a comparable group to this one, so I thought 'why not start one?' My family and I are new to the Austin area (March 2014), and what better way to meet some outdoorsy friends for myself, my hubby, our son (Gage, August 2012) and our daughter (Gemma, March 2015)? I'm not fanatical about walking/running, I just enjoy it. I don't have specific distances, but most often I stay around the 3 mile mark. I don't mind stopping and taking a breather when a hill gets too intense. I enjoy a glass of wine (or 2 or 3) with dinner. I like the idea of local produce, but I still eat greasy burgers. This group should be fun, and many of the trails won't be able to accommodate us all in a group, so having your own pace is great! Let's get motivated, Mamas!
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