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TRDA 3131W Theatre for Social Change

This class has been closed and is no longer open.


CourseTRDA 3131W: TRDA 3131W Theater of Social Change - MW 11:10AM-12:25PM, (25635)
This course focuses on the efficacy of using the arts to address issues within our society. The students will examine produced works of representative 20th and 21st century playwrights, which address violence aganist women, gender inequality, homophobia, racism, trauma of war, Nativism, religious discrimination, and other injustices within our society. We will analyze the techniques used by the playwrights, and how-or whether-these techniques inspire audiences to effect change. (Fall 2018 Traditional - Project)
Semester:Fall 2018
CausesArts & Culture Domestic Violence Gender LGBTQ+ Marginalized Populations Race & Ethnicity Research Social Justice
11 People | 3 Impacts | 12 Hours




Registration Deadline this Friday 11/30 2 Weeks ‘til Nashman Center Symposium on Community Engaged Scholarship! (And don’t forget survey completion for class pizza competition)
Thanks for all the scholarly work that you are doing in CES courses as the semester winds down it matters greatly to our community. 2 weeks remain until the symposium but registration closes for presenters and those attending the symposium this Friday. You can register or update your registration at this link Many timely topics this year at the symposium-Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Health Care Inequities in Wards 7 & 8, sustainability, housing scarcity, arts and the scholarship of engagement, issues east of the river, school partnerships and community service, mental health, self care, elder care, food insecurity and so much more. Don’t forget to sign up if you are attending any portion of the symposium-although we hope that you’ll join us for the free lunch and theater performance at noon and stay through the end of the day at 3:45.
If you are presenting as a group-don’t forget to have all group members register and use the same presentation title in their form.
We don’t yet have a class at 100% Survey Completion for the pizza delivery in class next week so if you haven’t filled your survey out yet make sure you do so at this link – we’ll announce the winner Friday!
We hope you are having a great semester in your Community-Engaged Scholarship course. From everyone at the Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service: thank you for everything you are doing for our community! We’d like to take just 3 minutes of your time for a brief, confidential survey about your experience in this course. Collecting student feedback on these courses is important so we want to make it worth your time too: the first two courses to have 100% of the students complete the survey will have pizza delivered in class. Survey at link: