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Serve205 is a student-led organization designed to support the facilitation of community service in the Birmingham community. Serve205 provides the UAB community with on-going volunteer opportunities throughout the academic year hosting 10 service projects each month (August - November; January - April).

Any student, faculty, or staff member can participate in Serve205 opportunities. Serve205's student leaders design and facilitate the service experiences. Students are selected each spring to lead Serve205 during Student Leader Selection.

All Serve205 volunteer opportunities will be listed on BlazerPulse. Volunteers must register to attend.
Sustainable Development Goals
232 People | 337 Impacts | 810 Hours | 22,033 Total Economic Impact

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Please review the Serve205 Constitution that has been sent to you. Give thoughts and feedback on the overall document. Are there any clauses that needed to be added or changed? Feel free to write out clauses or give suggestions on...
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