BADM 1002 12 First Year Development

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Question #1: I enjoyed Prarthana Hareesh's presentation on the interaction between intellectual disability and cerebral palsy and its co-occurrence of autism spectrum disorder and epilepsy. Through her research, it was found that there is a 15% higher probability of co-occurrence with cerebral palsy. As a student who is pursuing neuroscience, Prarthana shared her passion for the topic and it was personal and significant to me since I have a close friend with epilepsy. The main takeaway was to educate those who care for those with cerebral palsy about the co-occurrence of ASD and epilepsy so they can take management measures.


Question #2: I attended the session with panelists, Dylan Tally and Chloe King. It was motivating to hear both speakers share about their passion for serving their community. It was heavily emphasized that every business should prioritize community engagement and service. Personally, it was a great reminder to have the mindset of pursuing a career that incorporates my passions and engages with the community I'm in.
1) I ended up attending the session surrounding documentaries and three students journeys to creating documentaries about people within the community. It was definitely the perfect one for me to attend as of recently I have become extremely interested in digital media and content creation and attending this session showed me that I can take what I am passionate about with creating media content and use it to help benefit the community, not neccesarily directly but more to raise awareness.
2) I attended the session about food waste. The presentation started with the fact that 40% of food produced in the world is wasted. This is a staggering amount considering how many people are in food deserts across the world.
#1 - I listened to an individual presentation by someone named Hannah. She spoke about the organization Wider House, which she volunteered for. The organization works on the poverty distribution, and mass gentrification in DC. One of her biggest take aways was that while she worked with people who had very different experiences with her, she was surprised by how much in common she had towards these individuals. This was impactful, because when she presented she spoke about how her experience changed her. I really appreciated hearing the message of equality and eradicating poverty.


#2 - I attended the session with Dylan Tally and Chloe King. I learned that community engagement and service is and should be a crucial element to the success of businesses. Similar to what we spoke about in class, civility is a necessary component to company success, and community engagement plays a large role in this. Giving back towards the community should be a priority within all business models.
Symposium Questions for Class Credit
Question #1 Which showcase presentation was most impactful to you and why? (Be sure to upload a picture)
Question #2 Which of the six sessions did you attend from 2:30-3:30? In your session, what was something new your learned about community engaged scholarship?
Hello BADM 1002 Students! If you need help finding a place to serve this link from the Nashman Center has multiple pages of organizations that GW Students have served with in Community Engaged Classes there are also links to each community partner's website so you can learn more about the organization and opportunities that they have for service feel free to reach out if you have any questions.