BADM 1002 15 First Year Development

This class has been closed and is no longer open.




1. I think the most impactful presentation was the one about food insecurity. I think it was so interesting to me because it made me understand better that DC, however nice, still has things to work on.
2. I went to the presentation about the two students that created their own companies. One was about finding a solution to food waste with reduced prices for older goods and the other was a non-profit consulting firm. The thing I learned from the presentation was that if you are interested in something, try to find how your skills will apply to what it is.
1. the showcase that was most impactful was Martha's outfitters. Helping people get access to clothing is something that is so important. Being able to dress for any situation is important and Martha's outfitters is helping people who would not have access to clothes get what they need. Another reason why this was impactful because one of my TA's gave the presentation. She is the TA for my bio class and that really stuck with me because it goes to show that even if you do not necessarily need to do service, finding a cause that you really care about and giving back is important. (I cannot upload a picture)
2. I attended the session with two senior GW students who created their own startup non-profit companies. I learned that service starts with seeing a specific need within your community is the first step to giving back to your community.
The most impactful event I went to was hearing my friend Logan talk about the impacts of GW students and facilities on senior citizens in Ward 2, where Foggy Bottom is located. She discussed how accessibility to buildings in the Foggy Bottom area was limited, and also discussed how plans to renovate Thurston Hall would impact the lives of senior citizens. I also learned that Gelman is a DC public library!

I attended the session where the GW seniors spoke about their start up non profits. I learned how one individual's passion about a certain issue can lead to incredible things, so long as the person has enough drive. It inspired me to find areas of service I am passionate about.
1) The most impactful showcase presentation for me had to do with food insecurity in ward 8 of Washington, DC. This related to my community service done for our FYDP class where I volunteered at Martha's Table to open a free farmer's market to the community. The presentation itself showed me how necessary it is to recognize food scarcity in big cities and make a change to support families.
2) I attended the business presentation where two GW students created a non-profit start-up. I primarily learned how you can turn a passion into a business idea which supports a larger community.
1) The Spanish Class showcase was most impactful to me. This is because of the level of service shown by the students in their projects. One student visited a Latin American country to collect data useful towards improving the lives of migrants. Another student was helping to teach Spanish speaking immigrants to America English. Both of these projects had strong and clear benefits to various communities.

2) I went to the session that was led by two GWU seniors who had launched their own startup non-profit companies. The largest takeaway from their presentations I had was that experience, whether it be at a nonprofit, large or small firm, or volunteer work, can give you important experience and valuable new connections. Experience at any company is valuable.
1. The most impactful presentation was one about food insecurity in Ward 8. It went hand-in-hand with what my presentation was about in FYDP because we discussed food desserts and food insecurity.
2. I attended the discussion led by two seniors and they talked about the companies they both started. Something that stood out to me was the company Last Call. She worked from a problem she saw in our community and then created a company in order to fix it. It was very inspirational.
1. I really liked the showcase presentation about the interactions within the Hispanic/Latinx community here in Washington D.C. as part of the Spanish department's community service class. I think it's very important to understand that not everyone speaks fluent English and being flexible to others by speaking in their native tongue will have a larger impact on them than it will on you.
2. I attended the business education presentation with two GW students who created startup non-profit companies. I learned a great deal about how passions and interests can lead to a larger picture and a company that serves the community. I also learned the importance of how passions, interests, and morals can help one determine who they are and help them be bigger than themselves in community-engaged situations.
1) The showcase presentation about the different final projects students had to do for a Spanish class was the most impactful to me. This is because the students engaging in service were specifically helping the Latino community in the DC area as well as young Latino students at my high school. Through service, the students were able to learn about these peoples past as well as learn from them and be able to help them with any work or advice they needed. This project was extremely interesting and possibly might want to make me want to enroll in the class in the future.

2)I attended the session with two upperclassmen who were able to start up non-profit start-ups and have become successful in the past two years. This panel was interesting and put a better picture as to what needs to be done in order to start up your own business. I learned that although non-profits are predominantly service work, the people at the board of directors are usually CEO's of other companies, meaning that through service you can network and meet extremely successful people.
1. The most impactful showcase presentation was the one that featured documentaries that students made for a class they were enrolled in. One of the documentaries was about this year's SA President who was the first Asian female elected into the position. Regardless of the topic, I believed this session was important because the students who able to share any story they wanted in a way that grabbed our attention and was meaningful.

2. I attended the session featuring two seniors who started their own organizations/companies. Something that really stood out to me and was mentioned many times was that while doing service and non-profit work is helpful to those you are serving, it can also be equally beneficial to you.
1. I really liked the showcase presentation, Housing Issues Facing Senior in Ward 6. I think it's really important to take care of the elderly and your parents or grandparents as they get older. Knowing that there are such difficulties for people finding housing reminded me of that and how important it is to make sure to prioritize people's needs before the monetary desires. (I tried to upload a photo that I took of the group's presentation but it would not let me.)
2. I attended the business discussion with two senior GW students who created startup non-profit companies. I learned a lot about how one's passion can translate into a bigger idea and a company that works to help others. I also learned how important it is to be passionate and have a moral code that you stick to in order to define yourself.