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BADM 1002 17 First Year Development




1. I went to the presentation about National wildlife Federation. Speakers talked about the main missions of the federation, which is to help animals in danger. This organization is impressive to me because it has updated its website and e-publishing. There are more modern users interfacing online and it has kindle/ apple bookstore magazine publishing. The corporate social responsibility is related to round up and donate program. It could make a big difference with more people gathering together.
2. I attended the session that is to make contributions through digital form. Videos are such creative ways that attract more people to engaged with. I learnt that we should build connections with community partners and our neighbors. It is excited to learn people from different communities. Also, I have got a deeper understanding of community and I broadened my responsibility as a member in my community.
1. The most impactful showcase presentation to me was Working Retail at Martha's Table. The presentation was for Communication 1041. I will be taking the same course next year. It was interested how people gain communication skill through working with other volunteers. By supporting strong children and families at Martha's Table, volunteers learned not to be afraid to ask questions when first meet people and it is important to learn different culture.

2. From 2:30 to 3:30, I attended the session in which leaders of Last Call and Community Engaged Consulting presented on the initiatives that they have started. It was fascinating how a staggering 40% of food is wasted. It is an amazing way to combat both food waste and food insecurity at GW.
I found the presentation on sex workers significantly interesting. The video highlighted a single sex worker and her experiences throughout life. She discussed being raped, assaulted, and an attempted murder on her. I had never heard personal experiences of being a sex worker and the advertises they face. The presentation inspired me to research and learn more about the difficulties and prejudices sex workers face. Secondly, I attended the session that Sajel moderated. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the companies the two seniors started up. Specifically, I learned that you can apply community engagement to a work place setting and interviews.
i went to the documentaries showcase presentation, and I was really impressed. the documentaries contained real life people with their stories, and every single documentaries are expressing a current social issue that most people in our and have not been noticed.

During my session, I learned a lot about the nonprofit organizations, I find out that the nonprofit organizations also required the skillset just like profitable companies, and everyone in the nonprofit organizations can learn much more than business skills.
I attended the presentation about documentaries as a way of community engagement and I was impressed by the documentaries. The documentaries actually presented to me some trending social issues in the United States that I haven't noticed. The documentaries showcased the real-life stories from a couple individuals, their emotions that were shown in the video have transferred to me. In conclusion, I felt like this event is extremely meaningful.

From 2:30-3:30, I attend a business session with two business students. I was impressed by their work for the organization and services for the community. I realized that it not only benefits the community but also enhances leardership ability.
1. The showcase presentation I found the most impactful was the Composting Service Learning presentation. The students who completed this service educated me on the impact of composting on the environment and its importance in helping reduce our carbon footprint. I really liked that GW provided students with a way to compost and contribute to the environment in a postiive way in such an urban setting.
2. The session I attended was about using documentaries as a form of service which was quite different and unique. I enjoyed watching the students projects and seeing how they viewed certain issues through a more artistic lens. The documentaries were a new way of educating others on the pressing issues in the DC community and I liked their creative approach as it was something that I believe a lot of younger audiences would be more interested in. The videos seemed to spark inspiration and sent a positive message for change in the community.
I went to the presentation about documentaries as a way of community engagement and thought it was very refreshing. I admit I have a very narrow perspective on community engagement so I really liked how different the documentaries were. The purpose of these documentaries is to raise awareness on the problems of each community in the form of a video which I thought was quite different and effective. These documentaries are a way of educating people about certain issues and advocating for the communities that are in need.
I attended the documentary presentation. Three students shared their 5-8 minute long individual documentaries that they made during their semester in a documentary class at GW. I thought all of the documentaries were very well done and interesting. At first, I was a bit confused on how they connected to the Nashman center; but they explained that documentaries are a type of service as they are a way of showing and teaching people about problems and issues within the community. In this way, documentaries are a new type of community engagement as they advocate for change and aim to alert the community about issues surrounding them.
I also attended the asset based community engagement session from 2:30-3:30. I really like the two presentations given and was really inspired by the hard work of the presenters to create organizations and business solutions to directly serve the community. I learned that serving the community through business creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the community and business leader as you aid the people around you, but also gain personal growth and development. I also learned that these experiences can help you stand out when looking for a full time job.
I really liked the presentation about composting. I thought the boys were really honest about their service and were able to be objective about their impact. They thought that they were not really able to use the communication techniques that they learned in class but they really valued the knowledge that they got out of the service and are trying to share it in order to really impact GW in a positive way.
The presentation I found most impactful was the one about composting on campus. The two people giving the presentation were really passionate about their service. I like how the service they completed was impactful to the GW community. I found that really inspiring, it was very simple yet effective and impactful. I was also Impressed that they presenters identified and shared some challenges they faced when serving this semester.