Escarpment Skate Team



This skateboarding team is designed to perform Edwards Aquifer ecology supportive actions relative to flower and grass seeding missions at Austin Parks. Our goal is to create potential benefits to fauna habitat as well as additional color beauty to parks, starting with skateparks in Austin. The overall goal is to improve water holding capacity and drainage into the existing soil by planting the seeds to plants that hold the soil together, benefit wildlife  and self sow future seed on their own. We start activity by making seed balls and planting them in strategic fashion based on drainage and maintenance convenience.  We hope to invite a non-exclusive learning experience for any age volunteering in park improvement process. We as a Team know that giving back to the potential of our parks increases our ability to familiarize and take ownership of the public land shared with us. We hope our mission creates a fun experience in tangible knowledge related to environmental empowerment which includes skateboarding into group's central interest and base of theme of fun.
3 People | 3 Impacts | 7 Hours

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