In partnership with the City of Austin's Watershed Protection Department, Keep Austin Beautiful engages citizens in the protection and restoration of our waterways through creek adoptions and individual cleanups.

Adopters make a long-term commitment to conduct at least four workdays per year in an effort to reduce the amount of trash entering creeks, improve water quality, and restore habitats along waterways. Workday activities include hosting litter cleanups, controlling the spread of invasive species, planting native seeds, and more to conserve Austin's creeks. If you are interested in becoming a creek adopter, please visit our website or reach out directly to the Adopt-a-Creek Coordinator, Edward Pung.

Keep Austin Beautiful also hosts one-off events and cleanups in creeks across the city that are open to the public - no long term commitment or special preparation necessary. Volunteer opportunities for these types of events can be found in the 'Events' section below. We hope to see you out there with us!

Sustainable Development Goals
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