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BME 4925W Biomedical Engineering Capstone Project Lab


CourseBME 4925W: BME 4925W Biomedical Engineering Capstone Project Lab - M 3:30-6:00pm, (75640)
BME 4920W and 4925 W are Biomedical Engineering's Capstone Design sequence. Students work in teams to solve problems in human health posed by clinicians and researchers who act as clients. Students work with their clients to define what their device must do and how well it must perform. They then create a solution, build and test a prototype, document their work, and present it to their client and the University community. (Spring 2020 Traditional - Deliverable)
Semester:Spring 2020
CausesCommunity Computers & Technology Professional Development STEM
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In last year’s survey of Community Engaged Scholarship, many students said “I wished I had known about Metrorail and Bus to my site, I would have saved lots of money on transportation”. Try out the trip planner and Metro App and get to your site with ease (and less stress on your wallet)
Last class, a student asked about recording past service-hours on Give Pulse.

If you remember the dates and times you volunteered, you are able to log previous service-hours on Give Pulse. If you did the service one or two years ago, I recommend writing a refection to help the community partner remember you. A reflection will help the community partner verify your hours.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Service waiver link: