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UW 1020 M 54 University Writing


CourseUW 1020: UW 1020 M 54 University Writing - T/R 2:30-3:45PM LIBR 309, (71892)
UW 1020 M 54 University Writing (Spring 2020 Traditional - Placement)
Semester:Spring 2020
CausesArts & Culture Civic Engagement Community Economic Development Education Food Insecurity, Hunger General Service Non-Profit Business Services Nutrition Older Adults Professional Development Research STEM Social Justice
12 People | 35 Impacts | 89 Hours

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Hi nice to meet all of you today. Please fill out this service waiver for the class today just cut and paste this link. You must fill it our before impacts can be approved for the class and before service begins. copy and paste this link will take you about 1 minute to complete