Native Plant Society of Texas–Austin Chapter



The Native Plant Society of Texas promotes native plants through research, education, and outreach:
  • Research into our native plants, the ecological niches they occupy, the habitats they support, the wildlife they support, and the efforts needed to conserve them.
  • Educating our members and the general public about the importance of preserving native plants in the wild and incorporating them into managed landscapes.
  • Reaching out to groups that have similar goals, educators who would like to add native plants to their curricula, and anyone else who could benefit from knowing more about the plants naturally found in their neighborhood.
Part of what we do as the Austin chapter of this statewide nonprofit is to organize volunteer events that promote this mission:
  • Plant rescues, when land containing native plants is about to be developed.
  • Sales of native plants our members have grown themselves.
  • Maintaining demonstration gardens in public spaces—for example, on Austin's Pfluger Bridge over Lady Bird Lake.
  • Maintaining select slices of native habitat—for example, Brodie Wild or Casis Preserve.
  • Restoring native plants to sites where they once thrived.
Get to know us by participating in one of our somewhat randomly organized projects. Contact us if you have an idea for a project that could benefit from our expertise. We aren't always as expert as we would like to be, but we will do our best to help you out!
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