Texas Retired Teachers Association



The Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) is the largest association in the nation for retired teachers with a history of active involvement in the well-being of their communities!

Founded in 1953, TRTA is the largest association for retired public school and higher education employees and now ranks number one in membership in the nation. TRTA has more than 80,000 members who continue to be involved in local public school education and in the well-being of their communities. In 2014, TRTA members contributed 5,585,267 volunteer hours. The Independent Sector estimated the value of a volunteer hour to be $23.40. This could be considered a gift of $130,695,248 given to Texas.

In addition, the TRTA Children's Book Project, which began in 1998, has involved TRTA local unit members in giving books to children who might not otherwise have books of their own. Since the inception of the book project, more than 600,000 books have been placed into the hands of children who otherwise might never have a book to call their own. In 2014, 139,438 books were distributed as part of the Children's Book Project and the Student to Student Book Program.

22,357 People | 81 Impacts | 9,114 Hours | 205,522 Total Economic Impact