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Founded in 2013 through a unique partnership between City of Austin, Sustainable Food Centerm, and St. David's Foundation, Gardens at Gus Garcia is the only community garden on City of Austin park land and one of only two community gardens in Austin with ADA accessible garden plots. We have a diverse garden, including a Senior Serenity Garden, an urban orchard planned in early 2016, and the only ADA accessible keyhole garden in Austin.

Garden plots are available for lease on a yearly basis to persons living in the surrounding community. Access to the Senior's garden area is granted to members of the Seniors Group at the Gus Garcia rec center. Community beds are 5x16' for $50 per year. Sign up today! We have 30 beds and workdays are scheduled monthly.

Visit the Gardens at Gus Garcia Facebook page for more info.
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Garden Day Saturday April 8, 2023, starting at 9 AM to 11 AM-ish.
Come see the garden, maybe help unload some compost, turn compost bins, pull some weeds, help manage the always growing grass, talk gardening. We often have extra seeds and plants to share with visitors. We currently have a wait list to rent a garden spaces.
Austin Parks Foundation is hosting It’s My Park Day on Saturday, November 2nd, 2019. As
part of this great city-wide event, Chelsea R is hosting a park project at Gus Garcia park which will include the garden. Volunteer registration is open now and we’d love for you to join us. More info is available at and search for Gus Garcia or use this link to got directly to the Givepulse page to register for our project at Gus Garcia Recreation Center
If your group can help us finish up a mulching project in June or July 2019, please contact us via our Facebook page