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Moravian College

Kaelyn Carr
Morgan Anderson

Everyone was very nice and welcoming, you could tell they appreciated my time!

Gave 3.50 hours on 04/10/2019
Kaelyn Carr
KristEn Nicholson

Hosted a game to bring awareness to the Multiple Sclerosis and to help benefit their foundation. The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on providing free services that address the critical needs of people with MS and their families, helping them maintain the best quality of life. Their primary focus is on providing individuals with MS the help they need to maintain their health and well-being, to continue to be productive and independent, and to keep a roof over their heads and a safe environment in their home. Since their establishment in 1986, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation has been funded by the public. MS has been called the second most expensive chronic disease. The unpredictable nature of the symptoms, the cost of treatment, and the progressive nature of the disease all contribute to this growing problem.

Gave 3.00 hours on 03/19/2019 with Moravian College