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Party for the Parks Volunteer Opportunities 2022

First of all, I am a long time volunteer for It's My Park Day and have attended previous Party for the Parks events. I volunteer frequently at events and can recognize when they are managed well and when they are not. P4TP online Volunteer sign-up was easy. We were asked by a separate, and much later communication, to attend a 1.5hr volunteer training on Monday which required some schedule changes but I made them so I could attend. The session lasted only about 20 mins and honestly provided little useful information and was unnecessary. Upon arrival at our shift Wednesday afternoon, we were told the APF folks had not yet arrived and we could just wait in the shade for them. After some time, the Events company person directed us to help her company reps with the tent lights. Unfortunately there was only one ladder which the paid employees were using. We were told we could stand on the plastic folding chair or a table -- neither of which were safe. We ran out of zipties after one tent so had to stop working. After repeatedly asking for more zip ties we were told someone had gone to purchase more. We waited over an hour and half until someone finally came from Home Depot. There was only one pair of scissors apparently onsite so we had to wait on that as well to finish. Basically supplies were not available to do the job in a timely manner and time was wasted. We tried to fill our time with other tasks but because there was no clear leadership on site, tasks were done and undone and done again in other locations. There was no cold water or snacks available. We had to scavenge water from the ACLfest bar to stay hydrated in the heat. Once APF staff did arrive, there still was no clear instruction or welcome. There was no acknowledgement of the volunteers on site and no appreciation for our being there from any APF staff member, including the CEO who was walking around. It was not until we returned that evening for the event when Heaven said 'Thank you for volunteering'. In conclusion, I think the volunteer portion of P4tP was very poorly organized. There was no clear plan on how to use volunteers and the work proceeded very inefficiently. Sufficient supplies should have been onsite prior to volunteer arrival. Clear and consistent leadership was absent. And sadly, I felt my time and presence was not respected or valued. I would not recommend this APF volunteer opportunity.

Gave 3.50 hours on 10/12/2022
Violet Crown Trail Litter Pickup - Now Explore and Restore Williamson Creek
Pitch In at Pease for IMPD
Beautify (and have fun) at the Shoal Creek Trail!
Mt. Bonnell cleanup and maintenance

Good pre event communications. Good set up and task assignment. Good leadership.

Gave 2.00 hours on 11/04/2017

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