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    Spaulding Middle

    With my community service I decided to do something that will help me with my future career. I reached out to multiple schools to see if I could virtually volunteer due to COVID-19 i knew the school properly wouldn’t let me go in person. I was able to complete the hours volunteering at Spaulding Middle School in Lamar, South Carolina. I was able to work with a class of all girls three times a week for one hour each day and on Friday I would teach a lesson of my own to the students. I would always ask for feedback from the students and they would always tell me what they liked from my lesson and somethings that they didn’t so we can go back and review the information. After every lesson I would end it with some type of virtual game to make sure I get the class attention because you can’t win the game without paying attention to the lesson. I loved talking and getting to know the class and hopefully I can do this again soon.

    Gave 20.00 hours between 02/14/2021 and 04/01/2021